Chapter 3 - The Line in Sweden.

Murot, the Frenchman, who is the oldest known founder of this line, came over to Sweden from Normandy, France. Normandy is that part of France overrun at one time by northmen. He married a Swedish woman and settled in Varmland, Sweden. He shipped horses into Sweden from Normandy. As this was the time of Napoleonic wars and the wars in Sweden, it is thought that these horses might have been used for the Swedish cavalry. It is told that this Frenchman was a lover of horses and could do almost anything with them.

They had one child, Andrews Peter, born in Varmland, who later moved to Furuby in Smoland.

(So far the records traced in Sweden have not found Murot. But this ancestor is accepted by the relatives. My cousin, Earl Nelson, was named Earl Eugene Murot, and my brother, Ralph Carlson, was named Ralph Goodwin Murot So it seems the Nelson family line clings to the belief that he is an ancestor. What surprised me when in Sweden was that the Carlson side knew about Murot also. And Sven Bolinder showed Elmer and me Murot's farm at Skruv, Herrakra so someday more may be discovered about him. ) see here for more on this subject

Andrews Peter married (Christina Eliasdotter of Furuby) and they had five sons.

1) The eldest, Johanas Andersson (born July 12, 1790) was a doctor who received a medal from King Oscar I for his skill. He died quite young in a black small pox epidemic. see here for more on this subject Johanas lived at Batsmansgard and Granadahl. He married in 1811 to Helena Hokansdotter. They had 3 children: a) Johanna Helena born 1812, b) Elias born 1814, and c) Peter Elof born 1817.

2) The second son was Johan or Jan Olof Anderson (born February 20, 1797). (Married Johanna Petersdotter after he movedto Skruv, Herrakra. ) He was my great grandfather on my father's side. They had five children: a) Stena, b) Elof, c) John Gustaf; d) France and e) Carl Peter. (Elof and John Gustaf came to the United States to Swede Lake, Minnesota and later John Gustaf came to Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. ) Carl Peter moved to Svartaback, Linneryd and raised there a family of six children.

3) The third son was Peter Andersson (born January 10, 1800). He married Lena Cajsa Pehrsdotter and they had one son.

4) The fourth son was Gustaf Andersson. He had no children. He died at the good age of 90. He was the possessor of the bottle handed down from the Frenchman which great Uncle John G. had. (This bottle was passed on to my uncle Nels Peter Rudolph (N. P. R. ) Nelson who passed it on to his son, my cousin Earl Nelson, who passed it on to his daughter Mae, Mrs. Wendell Moberg of Long Prairie, Minnesota. see here for more on this subject)

5) The fifth son, my great grandfather, was Nels Daniel Andersson (born April 2, 1807 at Furuby, Smoland who married Martha Sarah Johansdotter. They were my great grandparents on my Mother's side. So Andrews Peter is the common ancestor of both my parents lines.

My great grandfather, Nels Daniel Anderson, born April 2, 1807 at Olsagard, Furuby, Smoland, Sweden, died September 15, 1869 at the farm home he called Olsagard, which is on the west shore of North Center Lake north of Lindstrom, Minnesota. He is buried in the cemetery of the Center City Swedish church. He married Martha Johnassdotter in Sweden who was born August 7, 1808 at Ostra Torsas, Engeistad Smoland, Sweden and died October 15, 1888 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota.