Chapter 4 - My Mothers Line in Minnesota.

In 1854 Nels Daniel and all his family immigrated to America. They left Sweden in July and reached Chisago County in Minnesota on October 27th. They crossed the ocean in a three masted sailing vessel named the Kambria which took 7 weeks and 4 days. They landed in New York and took the newly built railroad to the end of the line at Rock Island, Illinois. From there they took the steamship up the Mississippi, changed at Prescott and traveled up the St. Croix, but quit the steamer at Osceola Boom before it reached Taylors Falls to take a short cut by ox teams to Swede Lake. Nels Daniel knew some friends there who had come one or two years before.

He bought 160 acres of land on the west shore of North Center Lake north of the present city of Lindstrom and built a little log cabin and a log barn. The first year he and his eldest son, Andrews Peter, went to work in the pine lumber camps. In 1858, four years later, they built a large 2 story house in typical Swedish fashion-a fine house in which they lived until Nels Daniel died in 1869. That lovely site on the shore of the lake is now a campground for vacationers in trailers, etc. The old log barn has been replaced with a small store and laundry complex to serve the vacationers. Boats are for rent and bait can be had for fishing.

The large old house still stands, but is vacant. It seems it has a ghost. It was lived in by various people at different times but some ghostly presence always scared them out. Footsteps would be heard originating in the southeast upstairs bedroom and descending the stairs in the center hall of the house. We wonder whose these are.

After Nels Daniel's death, Martha came to Parkers Prairie, Minnesota to live with her sons so my Mother had memories of her. She died in 1888. Mother writes: I remember Grandmother Martha. She stayed with us for a few years. She was a good singer. Could sing Swedish hymns by heart when she was spinning yarn. 'In gen hinner fram' and 'Straight is the gate to all that come'. I think she was 80 years old when she died. Mother also told me that when Martha was upset about something she would walk through that large house and slam all the doors behind her.

1) Christina was born September26, 1830 and died in 1896. She came with the family from Furuby, Sweden and lived at Lindstrom. She married Swen Nelson, a farmer there, and they had 9 children: a) Mathilda born 1854), b) John (1856), c) Peter (1858), d) Carl (1861), e) Helena (1864), f) Frank (1866), g) Amanda (1868), h) Edith (1873) and i) Ernest (1878). These were the cousins that Mother visited when she was studying music at MacPhail Music School in Minneapolis as a young girl. Later when Mother and Dad took a trip to the Lindstrom area and Lester and I were along, we visited in several Nelson homes around North Center Lake. After Mother was widowed, she invited Edith Nelson (who never married and was a teacher until her eyesight got bad) to come and visit her over Christmas. I had them out for meals at Christmas like usual. They both confided to me that the other one snored so loud they couldn't sleep.

2) Anders Peter, the eldest son, who was born January 8, 1836 is my grandfather; so more on him later. He married a Swedish woman here in America and came to homestead in Parkers Prairie. They raised six children: a) Judith, b) Willemenia, c) Rudolph, d) Betsy, e) Reynold and f) Vasa.

3) John Gustaf I, who was born October 15, 1836, died November 12, 1836.

4) Helena, born November 16, 1837 and 5) Charlotte born January 17, 1840, both died of typhoid fever in Stillwater, Minnesota in 1855.

6) My great uncle, John G. Nelson, (John Gustaf II), was born March 16, 1844 at Furuby, Smoland, Sweden. He died June 6, 1930 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. He had an illustrious career. He enlisted in the army during the Civil War and saw action in the south and in the Indian uprisings. He was present when the Indians were hanged after the Sioux massacre. He had the erect bearing of a soldier and bathed his feet every night before retiring.

After the war, John G. made a trip to the southeast corner of Otter Tail county and decided to take out a homestead and persuaded his two brothers, Andrew Peter and Peter Olof, to do likewise. They settled on adjoining farms 3 miles west of the present village of Parkers Prairie.

He was prominent in early county politics, being elected first senator from the county to the state senate and later served as a representative and as a county commissioner. He might even have been considered for governor, but he had, as my Mother called it "the terrible Nelson temper" and that may have interfered. He and his brother, Peter Olof, married sisters, daughters of Jonas and Kaisalisa Lindquist from Smoland who had also immigrated to the United States. He married on August 22, 1862 to Caroline Lindquist and they had one son, Ernest Peter, who was born August 26, 1863.

a) Ernest Peter married Stella DeMares and they had two daughters: i) Elise and ii) Ernestine, who never married. Ernest died May 18, 1910 in an elevator explosion at Carmangay, Alberta where he worked. Great Aunt Caroline died March 12, 1899 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. Five years later, in 1904, Great Uncle John G. married Alma Carlson,born March 3, 1882 and died November 21, 1970. They had one son, b) Daniel Emanuel, born July 15, 1904.

Daniel farmed the home place until November 1950 when he left for Seattle, Washington. He worked for Boeing Aircraft and married Leona. They had no children. He died in 1958. So in November, 1950 Great Aunt Alma came to live with my mother in town and the farm house was abandoned. Later the house was burned and most of the other buildings are gone. So is gone an important part of early Otter Tail County history.

7) Great Uncle Peter Olof Nelson I never knew. He was born March 4, 1846 in Furuby, Smoland and died March 3, 1912 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. He marriedCharlotte Lindquist (born November 5, 1847) in 1869 and they lived on the next farm south of Uncle John G.'s.

My mother wrote of Great Uncle Peter Olof:: Once we were to a Mission meeting at Uncle Pete's. Rev. Elmquist preached and Uncle would pray and sing. My, howl enjoyed to hear Uncle Pete sing the Swedish hymns. It seems Mother ran down the road to her Uncle Pete's Mission meetings quite often.

They had 5 children: a) Nels Resser Eber, born June 18, 1870 and died 1927, who became a barber and moved to Shafer, Minnesota, never married.

b) Alice Agnes Amanda, born June 1, 1873, died December 10, 1948, married Harry Vitalis and lived at Almalund, Minnesota on a farm. One daughter, i) Marjorie, married Swen Carlson and had one son, Glen. She married a second time after Swen died.

c) Alma Charlotta Olivia, born December 15, 1874, died February 5, 1959, married Nels O. Nelson, a contractor in brick and lived in Wadena, Minnesota. They had 5 children: i) Edna, ii) Gladys, iii) Florence, iv) Lillian and V) Roy.

d) Emily Caroline Josephine, the fourth child of Great Uncle Peter Olof Nelson, was born December 26, 1879, died April 22, 1963. She married August M. Johnson who was born in Linneryd, Sweden and who came to America in 1893. He worked in Chicago, Illinois first. He died in 1956. They had one son, Stanley, born October 10, 1909, died July 20, 1984.

They lived in various places and then settled on Emily's home farm where they later built a fine brick home. Stanley served in the Pacific during World War II. He never married. He was with his parents until their deaths and then later lived at theHoffman Nursing Home in Hoffman, Minnesota. He played the saxophone in EberBerquist's orchestra. He also played in the army band. But as August said: "When he gotover there, he threw the horn and grabbed a gun." He was in some very heavy fighting.

e) Mary Elizabeth, the fifth child of Peter Olof, died as an infant

8) And now we come to Josephine, the youngest daughter of Nels Daniel, who married 4 times. Maybe because everyone said she was such a beauty.

Great Aunt Josephine, was born Josephine Matilda Judith on April 30, 1850 at Furuby, Smoland and came with the family in 1854 to Minnesota. She died November 19, 1920 at Franconia, Minnesota. She married Jonas Lindall who had a store in Franconia, a town in the river valley of the St. Croix River. They had two children: a) Alfred and b) Alice. Alice married Elof Vitalis and they had 10 children and lived at Franconia. One of her children was Earl Vitalis, who was Superintendent of Schools in Stillwater, Minnesota when I applied there once for a teaching job. I never hinted in my letter that we weredistantly related. Her other children were: i) Amber, ii) Arthur, iii) Evert, iv) Vendla, v) Adolf (3 children), vi) Elvera (13 children), vii) Earl (3 children, one, Earl Jr. , came to see me about family history), viii) Lillian (3 children), ix) Mina and x) George Harland (2 children). Jonas Lindall, Great Aunt Josephine's first husband, was a state senator, but he drowned.

Josephine married his clerk in the store, Charles Vitalis, and they had 3 children: c) George, d) Harry and e) Clara.

d) Harry is the husband of Alice Nelson and they had one daughter, Marjorie, who marriedSwen Carlson and had Glen who married Lillian Kiepel and had 2 children: Kevin and Karin. Glen and Lillian divorced. Swen died in 1970 and later Marjorie married EarlStenberg, a widower, in 1974 and lived in St. Paul.

e) Clara, born June 4, 1885, died July 1972, visited the relatives in Parkers Prairie quite often so I knew her. Later she went out to visit Uncle Reynold in Helena, Montana and married Sam Volder August 1931. Sam died January 16, 1954 and later Clara returned to the Chisago Lake area. Clara's father, Charles Vitalis, was quite a businessman and was into a lumbering and a logging business also.

After Charles Vitalis died, Josephine married Peter Johnson, a widower farmer at North Branch. When he died she married a Martinson. (That's all I ever heard about him. )

My Grandparents on my Mother's Side

Anders Peter Nelson, known as AP, was born January 8, 1836 at Olsagard, Furuby, Smoland; Sweden. He came with his parents (Nels Daniel Anderson) and family to America in 1854 and they bought 160 acres and lived on a farm on the north shore of North Center Lake, north of Lindstrom, Minnesota. He married Johanna Christina Petterson in Chisago Lake on February 28, 1859. She was born May 2, 1841 at Hannagard, Furuby, Smoland and came to the United States in 1858 arriving at Quebec, Canada.

When Great Uncle John G. told Grandpa about the homesteads to be had in Parkers Prairie, they moved to their farm in Section 17, Otter Tail County in 1870. The 3 brothers: John G. , Peter Olof, and my Grandpa, Anders Peter, had adjoining farms that had land on the prairie and homes in the woods at the edge near small lakes.

Grandpa built a log house first and then sent for the family. Mother has made a drawing of this first log house. The top floor was a hall where meetings were held, church and political, and School District 50. Mother said that Aunt Judith and Aunt Minnie just went upstairs to school.

Rev. Jonas Magney was a traveling pastor to help organize the Swedes and start churches. He held services in the homes and in 1871 the Swedish Lutheran Church was organized in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota.

He was a friend of Grandpa and Grandma Nelson from the Center City area. When Grandpa and Grandma took a trip by train back to Center City, his home was one of many they stayed in.

The Swedish paper,"Minnesota Stats Tidning", published Grandpa's story of their trip. Mother had saved it and my husband Elmer translated it into English. Most interesting. see here for the complete text of this story.

Rev. Jonas Magney's grandson, Gordon Magney, married my niece, Grace Carlson, Lester's daughter.

Grandpa was a carpenter and as the family grew, he moved them into the new granary and tore down the log house and built a new clapboard house in 1885. This house grew by additions also. At the rear he built his shop attached to the house so he could enter it from the house. He was very good at making cabinets and furniture of all kinds. It all had to be perfect. Drawers slid like greased butter. He wrote poems and songs. While thus occupied, who was running the farm? Well, Grandma Johanna managed and they had hired help, both men and women. Later N. P. R. (Rudolph), their son, managed and worked the farm.

Grandfather Anders P. Nelson and Grandmother Johanna had 6 children.

When Uncle Rudolph and Aunt Augusta were married on December 21, 1898, Grandpa and Grandma and my mother, Betsey, moved upstairs. Mother married in 1900 and left for North Dakota.

In February, 1909, Grandpa and Grandma celebrated their Golden Wedding at the farm home. Mother and Dad and we three children came from Seattle for the event In the family picture I am sitting on Grandma's lap as the youngest. Cousin Harlow Bergquist is missing. I know he had trouble with one leg and had to lie in bed with weights.

They continued living upstairs until 1911 when they bought a house in what was called old town and moved there. I remember visiting them there. Grandpa was sick in bed following a stroke but he would put some candies under the glass hen by his bed and cackle like a hen and we children would run upstairs so he saw us a little before we took some candy and ran.

Uncle Vasa lived with them and went out to his farm to milk a cow and bring in the milk. Grandma made the best pancakes. And she tended a huge pig in a pen out back and one day I thought it was so much fun to feed it corn cobs; I was scolded. "No, must not waste corn."

Grandfather died March 23, 1914 at home. Later Grandmother and Uncle Vasa came to the Knutson farm at Garrison, North Dakota to visit us. Grandmother would go beyond the grove to see our pigs and would come and say that they needed water. That was Lester's and my job so she kept us busy. Grandmother died September 25, 1917 at Bethesda Hospital, St, Paul, Minnesota.

They are both buried in the Parkers Cemetery, just west of town rather than in the church cemetery east of town as that would be much farther in horse and buggy days.

They had six children: a) Aunt Judith, b) Aunt Minnie, c) Uncle Rudolph, d) Betsey (my mother), e) Uncle Reynold and f) Uncle Vasa

The Hawkinsons - Aunt Judith

Helena Carlotta Judith born January 22, 1860 at Chisago County, Minnesota, died July 1, 1920 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. She married John A, Hawkinson born May 11, 1853 in Linneryd, Sweden and died June 3, 1940 at Cedar Falls, Iowa while visiting daughter, Constance. They first farmed 2 miles west of town and then moved into town and ran a general store. Their first store was in "old town" and then when the town moved from Lake Adley to the prairie, Uncle John built a nice brick building for his store and also to house the post office in a separate part in the back as he became the postmaster. (This is the same building in which my Father Carl worked as Assistant Postmaster after we returned to Parkers Prairie. )

In 1890 Aunt Judith started the first Ladies Aide as a sewing circle to make and sell articles to raise money for the church. Uncle John owned 4 lots north of high school. He donated one lot for the new Swedish Lutheran Church built in 1920. He started excavating a new home for them but never completed it as Aunt Judith died in 1920. The large stained glass window of Christ's Ascension on south side of church was given in memory of Aunt Judith and her parents, A. P,, and Johanna Nelson.

They had nine children:

a) Cousin Mabel Alice Cornelia born January 19, 1877 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died March 21, 1925 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. She married Arthur Nelson who had animplement store in Parkers. They had one son, Everett Rupert Alexis (we call him "Gov"), born October 5, 1904 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota and died February 11, 1988 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. Everett married Doris Abbott of Eagle Bend, Minnesota and ran an implement store there. They had no children. As a young lady, Mabel worked in the Hawkinson store and in the Post Office, as did the younger children later. They lived on a farm about a quarter mile east of town and then built a new house in town by 1920. Mabel was not so well and so I helped her after school and on Saturdays. Both Art and Gov were used to helping in the house. Uncle John Hawkinson had his room upstairs after Aunt Judith died and continued taking care of his store.

When we lived on their farm place Mother always called it "Capitol Hill" from the hills in Seattle. From the road, the lane led down between two small ponds and then up to the hill where the house was.

b) Cousin Marie Johanna Ellen was born October 16, 1878 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota and died December 23, 1939 at Chicago, Illinois. She worked in a hotel and a clothing store in Bismarck, North Dakota and married Eric Erickson, a shoe salesman, and moved to Chicago, Illinois. They had two daughters: Lillian and Lucille. Lillian married Ralph Hibner and lived in Des Plains, Illinois. They had two daughters: Ramona and Judith. Lucille married Stanley Green and lived in Chicago. They had no children.

c) Cousin Winfred Andrew Gustavous born April 19, 1881 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died February 17,1973 in Spokane, Washington. He never married and was a banker at Lewiston, Idaho.

d) Cousin Adelia Judith born March29, 1883 in Parkers Prairie,Minnesota, died December 1, 1953 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She married Lee Morrison, a Canadian, and they lived in Medicine Hat, Alberta and then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lee was an electrician. They met in Parkers Prairie when Lee was running the light plant there. No children.

e) Cousin Alvina Wilbelmina born April 21, 1885 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died March 30, 1907 at Parkers Prairie at the age of 22. Mother always said she was a beautiful girl.

f) Cousin Constance Georginia born September 1, 1887 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died September 6, 1980 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She married Rev. Carl. 0. Loken, a Baptist minister. She was a teacher before their marriage. Constance and Carl lived in several places in Minnesota and Iowa, but retired to Hudson, Wisconsin.

g) Cousin Eldred John born September 25, 1889 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died January 3, 1933 in Chicago, Illinois. He was a salesman mostly in Chicago, Illinois. And as far as the relatives knew, he was never married, although a lady seemed to appear at the funeral, but she did not contact the relatives. A mystery.

h) Cousin Ruth Verbena born March21, 1892 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died April 10, 1978 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was a teacher who came to North Dakota when we were living there and taught the Burns school down on the Missiouri River valleynear Garrison. She had trouble hearing and later she taught in the School for the Deaf, Staunton, Virginia and at Fairbault, Minnesota. One summer at Parkers Prairie she went with our Camp Fire troop to a week's camping at Lake Irene. She was such a good sport and had a jolly laugh and could write good letters. She never married and retired at a residential apartment in Minneapolis.

i) Cousin James Rudolph born February 10, 1895 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died April 29, 1986 at Evanston, Illinois. He never married, attended Carlton College and became an economics teacher at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. He traveled abroad giving seminars and is listed in "Who's Who in America". He did well even though he had difficulty seeing with one eye. He never let on and few knew about it. He was generous in thinking of what he could do for people while they lived. He saw to it that Mother had fixtures for her bathroom installed so she could enjoy it. Years later when we reimbursed him from the estate at Mother's death, he commented that that money would go to help someone else he knew about. His generosity was greatly appreciated as at the time none of us children could have done it for Mother.

The Bergquists - Aunt Minnie

Eva Christina Wilhelmina born June 8, 1865 at Chisago County, Minnesota, died November 30, 1930 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. She married Charlie Bergquist (born October 6, 1859, died May 10, 1930) on September 4, 1886. Mother said that when the children heard that a new-comer from Sweden was sailing a boat on Lindall Lake (he was a relative of Lindalls) they all ran over to watch. Charlie was a blacksmith and had a shop in Parkers Prairie with his brother, John. The family had a house in old town where the florist shop is now near Lake Adley. In 1913 they built the new, nice home just south of the school house. Aunt Minnie was interested in everyone. Often I stopped in to visit before going on down the alley to our home because at home Mother would be giving a music lesson.

I would be treated freshly baked cookies and Aunt Minnie would want to know what the teachers wore, etc. I never really noticed what they wore so I wasn't much help.

This is the house I later bought in 1983. The original house had an open screen porch and no attached garage. It was remodeled several times inside. In 1924 my sister Edith and Adolph Just were married here in front of the lovely bay window. In 1983 I bought it and moved to town after my husband, Elmer, died. Uncle Charley had the first race horse in Parkers Prairie named Dexter. I had a wild ride once in the back seat of the surrey when Harlow and Lester drove to Everett Nelson's place on "Capitol Hill" to visit. Would have been 1914 I think.

Aunt Minnie and Uncle Charlie had seven children:

a) Cousin Carl Elmer Irenius (sometimes called Nils) born October 24, 1887 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died in a car crash September 6, 1959 near Glencoe, Minnesota, along with his wife, Esther (Hilpert). They were taking their daughter, Mary, and friend back to Luther College at Decorah, Iowa, when they collided with a pickup. The friend was also killed and Mary was badly injured. Elmer served in World War I and later worked in the First National Bank in Parkers Prairie. He also did income tax preparation and insurance. Esther was a teacher. Elmer was very interested in the local baseball team.

They have five children: Laura Joanne, born 1930, died 1934; Phillip Elmer, born 1936 died as an infant; Robert Steven, born 1938, died 1951. They all had severe internal problems. James Alan born February 7, 1932 married Lorraine Herman and became a pastor. They had two children: Robert Steven and Kristine Marie and they adopted two Korean children, Mark Alan and Kathleen. James has held many positions in the Lutheran church and has lived in many different places including Hawaii and England. He is presently living in Moorhead, Minnesota. The youngest was Mary Elizabeth, born March 29, 1940, who became a teacher and lives in California.

b) Cousin Amber Wilhelmina born December 2, 1889 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died January 31, 1973 in Alexandria, Minnesota. She never married and had a learning disability so never acquired a trade. She lived with her parents until their deaths and then lived in the upstairs apartment of the home while her brother, Elmer, and Esther and family lived there. At their deaths, she moved to the nursing home in Alexandria. She was very good to my mother, bringing her mail and visiting and telling all the town news.

c) Cousin Victor Reno born September 7, 1891 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died August 15, 1956 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He served in World War I and was a good business man. He worked for the Rock Island Plow Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I worked there in the secretarial pool a few months when I went to Minneapolis in March of 1927. He married Gertrud Burke; they had 4 sons: Richard Carl died as an infant in 1927, Richard Harlow born March 6, 1932 married Dolores and they have three children: Thomas, David and Ann-Marie, Marcus Reno born August 23, 1934 married Laura and has a daughter Margaret, Duane Hugo born January 18, 1936 married Rosalie and have Paul, Marie and Marcus.

d) cousin Gertrude Theresa born June 6, 1893 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, (died May 14, 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was a teacher and never married. She taught in several states and was a long time at Oak Park, Illinois. She also taught in a private girls school. Cousin Gertrude and Cousin Rud Hawkinson were good friends from high school on. When she retired she lived at a fancy home in Minneapolis for retired people. Once she sold dresses at Young and Quinlens, a high class dress shop in Minneapolis.

e) Cousin Chester Peter born January 18, 1895 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, diedJuly 14, 1925 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. He never married. I don't know what he did. Was sort of a scamp. He had served in the first World War just like Elmer, Reno and Eber so Aunt Minnie had 4 sons in the service at once. He was home at Aunt Minnie's sick for a long time. I remember visiting him there. He liked to play cards.

f) Cousin Eber J. Kadoth born March Z 1896 in Parkers Prairie, Minneosta, died December 10, 1971 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. He was very musical and played the pipe organ in the theatre in Alexandria, Minnesota and later in First Evangelical Lutheran church in Parkers Prairie. He was a teacher of music and also tuned pianos. It makes me think of a distant Hahn relative in Sweden who was the church organist. He married Gladys Ketter of Parkers Prairie who was also a musician and teacher of music. They had one daughter, Kay Diane, born September 17, 1943 who is also musical and a singer. She married Dale Nelson and they had two children before divorcing: Christopher Dale and Leslie Kay. Leslie Kay married Scott Gylling and they have a son, Anthony Scott born September 30, 1989.

g) Cousin Harlow Ovidius born December 8, 1904 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died January 30, 1988 in Fargo, North Dakota. While small Harlow suffered damage to his hip so he had to lie in bed with a weight attached to his leg to help it grow, but it was always shorter. But his high spirits overcame it. He was also very musical and became a teacher of music in the schools of Fargo, North Dakota for years until his retirement. He married twice, Adele Jenson and then Pauline Yuster. No children. The three cousins, Gov, Harlow and Signe (Nelson) were the best of friends. (Just like Gertrude Bergquist and Rud Hawkinson). They all three died the same year, 1988.

The Nelsons - Uncle Rudolph

Nels Peter Rudolph, known as NPR, was born May 24, 1873 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota and died January 7, 1938 while attending a county commissioner's meeting in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

He farmed the home place and later moved into town and branched out into politics, etc.

He was two years older than my mother and they were inseparable when young. Once when Uncle Rudolph was escorting his girlfriend, Augusta Sigfrid, to a circus in Alexandria, Minnesota, Mother wept and braided her hair until Uncle Rudolph gave in and took Mother along too. He was a very likeable person.

He married in 1898 to Augusta Sigfrid born January 15, 1874 at Furuby, Sweden, died June 26, 1941 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota.

They had three children: Earl Eugene Murot, Signe Anita and Carl Cifford.

a) Cousin Earl born June 17, 1900 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, died June 9, 1966 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota of a heart attack. He attended the Farm School in St. Paul, Minnesota and worked in the Lumber Yard in Parkers Prairie before deciding to farm the home place. He married Judith Glende October 12, 1924. Great Uncle John G. used to love to have family picnics which he called "N D picnics" from Nils Daniel so we were having one at John G's farm and Uncle Rudolph had invited his county commissioner friend, Glende and his family. Earl saw Judy and told Dan Nelson, "That is the girl I'm going to marry".

They had two daughters: Patricia Ann and Judith Mae. i) Patricia born August 11, 1925 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota died November 21, 1959 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota of polio. She had been much in the iron lung and at Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She married Norman Boehne, a farmer, and they had 5 children.

ii) Mae born May 6, 1928 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, also had polio, but not so bad. She married Wendell Moberg, a veterinarian and lives at Long Prairie, Minnesota. They have 6 children.

b) Cousin Signe was born April 29, 1904 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota and died April 3, 1988 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. She attend the University of Minnesota and became a teacher of music in the public schools. She married Harry Henricksen May 30, 1934 and they lived in Staples, Minnesota where Harry worked for the railroad in the round house repairing cars. She and Harry were on a tour for Sweden and Norway and were in O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois, when Harry died of a heart attack May 17, 1969. Following a stroke in 1978 she left Staples to make her home with her widowed sister-in-law, Judy Nelson, in Parkers Prairie where she lived until her death. Signe could play the piano well and sight read new music so we young relatives would gather around the piano on vacations and sing while Signe played. She had a good alto voice. They had no children. She and Harry raised glads and exhibited them.

c) Cousin Carl was born May 19, 1910. He became a surveyor and lived many places where there was work. He married Mildred Hopfner who was a hair-dresser. They have 3 children: 1) John Carl, 2) Paul William, and 3) Ann Marie. John works with computers, born November 20, 1942 he was in the service and married Sue Ying from Taiwan and they have two children. They live at Alexandria, Virginia. John is interested in family history. Paul born March 15, 1949 married Shirley Ferris in Chattanooga,Tennessee and they have two children. Ann Marie born march 4, 1957 married Robert VanDeusen, banker, and they live in Minnesota. They have 3 children.

The Carlsons - Betsey, my mother

My mother Betsey. born at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota on July 13, 1875, was named Martha Sarah Betsey Amanda. She died February 23, 1953 at her home in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. She married Carl Albin Carlson November14, 1900. They had 4 children: Edith, Lester, myself (Elvera) and Ralph. (More on my mother later. )

Uncle Reynold

John Andrew Reynold born June 13, 1880 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota died January 6, 1952 at Helena, Montana. He was a proprietor of Grand Pacific Hotel in Bismarck before going out to Helena and Deer Lodge, Montana to work on his silver mine. Many of the relatives invested in the mine, but no silver was found or at least not enough to pay out. He then clerked at the Placer Hotel in Helena for many years. He married Ann and had one son, Albert, who he doted on. He and Ann were divorced, but Albert stayed with Reynold.

Uncle Vasa

Johan Gustaf Vasa born March 8,1883 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota died August 14, 1961 at Earl Nelson's home in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. Vasa had his own farm between the farm of his Uncle P. O. Nelson and Lindalls, but mostly he lived with NPR or Earl on the home farm and helped with chores. When he did try to live by himself on his farm and milk cows, etc. he did not use good judgment, so it was best he rented it out. Judy and Earl were very good to Uncle Vasa and when Earl sold the home farm to Ralph Jahnke and moved to his new home on his 40 acres across the road north, Vasa moved with them. He died in his sleep. Uncle Vasa was with us some when we were on Capitol Hill and I remember he made a perfectly round wood pile with sides about shoulder height He never married. His favorite word was "Huh?" For example, he might say, "You feeling pretty good now, huh?"