Chapter 5 - My Fathers Line in Sweden.

Johan (Jan Olof) Anderson was the second son of Andrews Petter. Born February 20,1797 at Olsagard, Furuby, Smoland, died September 19, 1843 at Skruv, Herrakra. He moved to Herrakra and married Johanna Pettersdotter on December 26, 1820. She was born July30, 1805 at Herrakra and died January 31, 1895 at Herrakra They had 9 children, but the first three, Christina, Anders and Cajsa died as infants.

1) Carl Petter Johnsson born September 26, 1825 at Skruv, Herrakra, Smoland. He is my great grandfather so more about him later.

2) Stina Marie born June 3, 1828.

3) Johan Elof born August 19, 1830 at Skruv, Herrakra, Smoland. He came to the USA and settled in Swede Lake, Minnesota. When Dad, Mother, Lester and I visited in the Lindstrom area, Dad said he had a relative there so we went to a fine farm place for dinner. I think this was the home of Pete Elof Johnson, son of Johan Elof. Marjorie Vitalis said their oldest son drowned and they had several daughters. One daughter and husband were running the farm and the elderly parents were living there also.

4) Johannes Gustaf born March20, 1833 at Skruv, Herrakra, Smoland, came to the USA and settled in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. He married Jennie Hawkinson, sister of Ferdinand and Herman Hawkinson. They lived on the farm north west of Grandpa Carlson's farm where Dierichs lived at one time. He was known on the prairie as "Reekmaster Johnson" as he had cared for the horses on a large farm in Sweden. That distinguished him from all the other Johnsons. They had one daughter, Josephine, who married Pete Tanglin and they had LaVerne and LaVonne. LaVerne was Superintendent of Schools at Hopkins, Minnesota for many years. After Johannes died, Jennie moved into town. The relatives always enjoyed visiting little Jennie Johnson in her home in "old town".

5) Helena Lovisa born June 3, 1836 at Skruv, Herrakra, Smoland.

6) Frans August born September 27, 1840 at Skruv, Herrakra, Smoland. I wonder if he also came to the USA as there were Fransons in Coal Harbor, North Dakota: John, Axel, Anna (Mrs. George Swanson), Marie (Mrs. Sass). Unknown to me.

Carl Petter Johnson - my great grandfather

My great grandfather, Carl Petter Johnson, was born September 26, 1825 at Skruv,Herrakra, Smoland, Sweden and died November 26, 1887 at Svartaback, Lynneryd, Smoland,Sweden. He moved to Svartaback in 1850 and there married Anna Katrina Petersdotter onApril 2, 1853. She was born May 14, 1826 and died April 2, 1910. Brita told me that Carl Petter's mother, Johanna, when she was 83 years old, walked from Skruv to Svartaback tovisit her son. A feat to be remembered.

Carl Petter and Anna Katrina had 6 children: 1) Johanna Gustava (Brita Samuelsson's grandmother), 2) John Petter Carlsson (my grandfather) who immigrated to the USA in 1880, 3) David Carlson who immigrated to the USA in 1880, 4) Willie (Johannes Wilhelm) who took the name Lindstadt (He was a teacher, never married, born July 11, 1862, died June 5, 1889. ), 5) Alfred born May 12, 1865 died November 24, 1881 from appendicitis and 6) Marie 1868-1949 (Sven Bolinder's mother).

1) Johanna Gustava Carlsdotter, eldest daughter of Carl Petter, born March 2, 1855 at Svartaback, Linneryd, Smoland, Sweden died October 14, 1927. She married Johannes Samuelsson February 2, 1884. Johannes (1855-1937) lived in Linneryd.

Johanna Gustava and Johannes Samuelsson had 6 children:

a) Anna married Gottfried Fransson, died at 30 in childbirth.

b) Karl married Tyra Knutson. They had 3 children; i) Brita Samuelsson, a teacher, who showed us the Smoland areas on our trip to Sweden; ii) Ingemar, a forester who married Svea. We visited their home at Ostregird, Linneryd. Ingemar died in a forest accident, Svea died in 1991; iii) Marta, a teacher, who married Ingemar Johansson. We visited them at Varnianda near Nobble, Sweden.

c) Gottfrid died at 48 years.

d) Martin married Margareta and had 3 children.

e) Naemie died at 4 years.

f) Per unmarried.

After Carl Petter died, Gustava cared for her mother Anna.

Since my grandfather, John Petter Carlson, and his brother, David Carlson, both came to America, I will tell about them later. Both their sisters, Gustava and Marie, remained in Sweden.

6) The youngest daughter of Carl Petter and Anna was Helena Marie born December 8, 1868 at Svartaback, Linneryd, Smoland, Sweden and died June 1949 at Palsboda, Sweden. She married Karl Bolinder, a baker, and lived in Palsboda, Sweden. They had 5 children. We visited them all except Erik.

a) Gertrude, 1902, a secretary, lived in Stockholm, Sweden, never married.

b) Sixten, 1904, a grocer in Stockholm, Sweden, married Hildur, one daughter Osa and 2 grandsons: Magnus and Andreas.

c) Gulli, 1906, a milliner in Palsboda, Sweden, never married.

d) Erick, 1908, married.

e) Sven Fritiof, born June 21, 1910 at P&1sboda, Sweden. He married on October 2, 1938 to Lillie Karlsson born October 30, 1917. Sven told my Aunt Lottie when she visited in Sweden in 1926 that he wanted to write to some young relative in America. So we kept up a correspondence all these years. They lived in Palsboda, Sweden.

Sven's wife, Lillie, was a weaver and we saw drapes, etc. she had woven. She died of a heart attack January 9, 1976. When we visited Sven in 1978 he was recently retired so he took us all around to visit relatives. He was a teacher of wood working skills. We saw many examples of his wood carvings.

Johan Petter Carlson, my grandfather

Johan Petter (J. P. ) was born December 24, 1856 at Linneryd, Smoland, Sweden and died March30, 1925 at Mount Vernon, Washington, USA. Grandpa was a jolly person and interested in everything and very good company. In November 1874 he married Johanna Christina Gummesson born September 20, 1853 and died May 26, 1942 at Elbowoods, North Dakota. Grandmother Johanna was a quiet kindly woman and an excellent cook. She had 4 sisters: Eva Marie Fransson, Lydia Johansson, Charlotta, and Helena Marie Sjo, who all remained in Sweden. Elmer and I visited many of their children's children in Linneryd, Sweden in 1978.

At first Grandpa J. P. and Johanna lived at her farm home at Knapanas, Linneryd, Smoland. Then they moved to one of the houses on Svartaback farm, Linneryd, Smoland. Two of their children were born there,my father, Carl Albin and my Aunt Anna.