Chapter 6 - My Fathers Line in the USA.

My father was 5 years old when they immigrated to America in 1880. Great Uncle David Carlson went with. They were 5 weeks on a sailing vessel for the crossing. They came to St. Paul, Minnesota first and lived with Gust and Helen Anderson. Grandmother and the 2 children stayed there while Grandfather and Great Uncle David went to Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. They came to Parkers Prairie because their uncle Johannes Gustaf (Reekmaster) Johnson had settled here earlier. Grandfather took out a homestead just east of "Reekmaster's" which was 3 miles northwest of the village.

Then Grandfather and Great Uncle David built a house and barn and sent for Grandmother and the 2 children. The Andersons had children: August, Charley, Henry and Lydia. I know Dad and Henry used to write to each other in poetry and try to outdo each other. Also the Anderson boys often visited on the farm.

Grandfather and Grandmother raised a family of 6 children: 1) Carl Albin Carlson, my father, 1875-1936, 2) Aunt Anna, 1879-1971, 3) Aunt Lottie, 1881-1953. (Two died as infants: Mary, 1883-1884, and Oscar, 1884-1884. It must have been hard to lose 2 infants. Once my Father stood by the northeast corner of the Swedish cemetery in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota and said, "I have a little baby brother and sister buried here." It was the common practice then to have a designated place in the cemetery for all children who died as infants, hence no markers at all. ) 4) Aunt Elvera, 1887-1971, 5) Aunt Victoria, 1890-1977 and 6) Uncle Ernest, 1893-1966.

In 1905 Gradfather sold the farm at Parkers Prairie to brothers Elof and August Lindblad who were relatives on Grandmother Johanna's side. Grandmother stayed withthe Lindblad boys until Victoria was confirmed.

Grandfather took out a homestead 8 miles west of Garrison, North Dakota and he and Uncle Ernest (12 years) moved all cattle and other possessions by train and left them with Great Uncle David Carlson at his farm near Underwood, North Dakota as the train did not go to Garrison yet They drove on 2 days to Garrison area. Aunt Lottie had taken a homestead of 160 acres, just east of Douglas Creek, west of Garrison. So they built a house there and the family lived there one year. Then Grandfather built on his homestead across the creek and several miles south of Aunt Lottie's.

They were unable to find water on the place, so Uncle Ernest had to drive down the coulee to Douglas Creek and siphon pump a water tank full of water and empty in a cistern by the barn. All drinking water for the house was filtered in an earthen crock. (Present farm owners have now found water. ) One thing they did have was a hole in the pasture hillside near the creek where they could dig lignite coal to haul to the coal shed.

Grandmother Johanna never did master the English language very well so mostly she spoke Swedish. But Grandpa J. P. wanted to be a true American and he handled the English language very well. When they visited my parents and the Seattle and Yukon Exposition in 1909, Gpa brought home a suitcase full of brochures from the Fair to enliven the bare North Dakota winters.

This was their home on the Dakota prairie until 1925. My grandfather and grandmother were visiting their daughter, Aunt Elvera and Elmer Rose at Mount Vernon, Washington, when Grandfather died of a heart attack in 1925. After that Grandmother Johanna lived with her daughters Aunt Victoria in Bismarck, North Dakota and Aunt Lottie on the farm near Elbowoods, North Dakota. Her death occurred in Elbowoods in 1942.

The Talcotts - Aunt Annie

Anna Elisabeth Christina (Aunt Anna) born August 18, 1879 in Svartaback, Linneryd, Smoland, Sweden, died May 2, 1971. She married John F. Talcott June 14, 1902 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. They moved to Westhope, North Dakota and farmed many acres.

They had 8 children. We became acquainted with these cousins a little when they came to visit Grandpa and Grandma Carlson's farm the year we lived near Grandpa's. Hope and Edith were of an age, Ruth had me, and Lester had both Kenneth and Oscar to play with.

1) Cousin Hope Eva Kathleen, born April 19, 1903 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, married Thorvald Joseph Vedvig and they had 4 children: a) Joyce,b) Harvey, c) Marvin and d) Elwood. They lived at Carpio, North Dakota where "Ted" Vedvig ran a car repair shop.

2) Cousin Kenneth Paul Merton, born January 23, 1905 at Westhope, North Dakota, died November 28, 1977. Never married. lived at Westhope, North Dakota

3) Cousin Ruth Estelle, bornAugust 9, 1906 at Westhope, North Dakota, married George Clayton Sandy. They lived mostly at Westhope, NorthDakota, but some at Park River, North Dakota. They had 7 children: a) Donna, b)Beverly, c) Ruth, d) John (Jack), e) James,f) Carol and g) Gearold.

4) Cousin Oscar Bernadotte, born March 7, 1908 at Westhope, North Dakota, married Esther Unruh. They had 4 children: a) Linda, b) Bonnie, c) Janet and d) Corrine. They farmed the home place at Westhope, North Dakota.

5) Cousin Lillian Anna Alma, born May 21, 1910 at Westhope, North Dakota, died April 28, 1980. She married Matt Hefter and lived in Westhope. They had 2 children: a) William and b) Judith.

6) Cousin Irene Lenora, born April17, 1913 at Westhope, North Dakota, married Glenn Emery Kirk and lived at Westhope, North Dakota. They had 4 children: a) Glenda, b) Raymond, c) Ronald and d) Gary.

7) Cousin Vera Helen Alexandria, born July 22, 1915 at Westhope, North Dakota, married Albert Elmo Kirk, a son of Glenn Kirk, by his first marriage. They lived at Westhope, North Dakota. They had 4 children: a) JoAnn, b) Gail, c) Daniel and d) Dwaine.

8) Cousin John Challenger (Johimie) was born June 14, 1921 at Westhope, North Dakota. He farmed and helped care for his parents after they moved into Westhope from the farm. Johnnie did like my brother, Ralph, and married late in life to a local widow, Virginia, who had one grown son. Johnnie died February 10, 1991.

The Nelsons - Aunt Lottie

Lotten Emelia (Aunt Lottie) was born in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota July 16, 1881 and was a seamstress. She moved with her parents to Garrison, North Dakota. When she visited her sister, Aunt ~, who clerked at a store in town, she met Ralph Nelson who had a store with his 2 brothers. They were married in Minot, North Dakota and went to Edmonton, Alberta as Ralph and his brothers had a contract to work with horses on the railroad grades.

Later Aunt Lottie and Uncle Ralph farmed west of Garrison, North Dakota on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.

But before she married she and Aunt Elvera went out to Seattle in 1907 to visit my Mother and Dad. While there Lottie was sick and they feared TB so she later went to Long Beach, California to be in a tent out in the sunshine. She was cured. When she and Uncle Ralph retired, they settled in Phoenix, Arizona and that is where she died July 11, 1953. Later Uncle Ralph married a widow with children, but he and his second wife and her pregnant daughter were all killed in a car accident in Arizona. Aunt Lottie made some nice dresses for me while we were in North Dakota. She made a suit for my little brother, Ralph, and they had so much fun when he put it on as they had put coins in all the pockets for him to discover. Too bad they did not have children.

When Aunt Lottie and Uncle Ralph made their trip to Sweden and Norway in 1926, they had always planned to take Gpa and Gma with them, but when Gpa died in 1925, Gma did not care to go. In 1928 they loaned me money to attend St. Cloud Teacher's College which I was able to repay my first year of teaching.

The Roses - Aunt Elvera

Sister Hilma Elvera (Aunt Elvera) is my baptism sponsor after whom I was named. She was born August 24,1887 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. When she and Aunt Lottie came out to Seattle in 1907, she remained and got a job in wealthy homes as a second girl. She married Carl Elmer Rose August 24, 1911 and they lived in Mount Vernon, Washington mostly, but also in Spokanne, Washington and Hayward, California.

They had two children: a) Marion, born December 25, 1912, Mount Vernon, Washington, (she was just 14 when she died from appendicitis September 30, 1926 and that was very hard on everyone) and 2) Phyllis, born November 26, 1914, Mt Vernon, Washington.

Phyllis married Warren Chester (Chet) Ullin, who was a photographer in the school system, on June 8, 1940. They lived in Bremerton, Washington and had 3 sons: a) Gary, b) Jay and c) Jim.

a) Gary, born February 20, 1943, flew with United Airlines. He was a mountain climber and died in an avalanche in the Pamir Mountains in Russia on a mountain climbing trip. He died July 25, 1974 and his body remains buried in snow on the mountain. My son, David, was living with Gary on Mercer Island in Seattle, Washington at the time. Very hard on everyone.

Chet and Phyllis have been to the mountain and placed a plaque on the stone in the valley. b) Jay, born March 10, 1945, lives in Seattle, Washington and married Marilyn Van Cleave. c) Jim, born August 30, 1947, married Joan Barclay of Hawaii. They live in Bellingham, Washington and have 2 children: Heather and Arn.

Uncle Elmer Rose and Aunt Elvera retired near Bremerton, Washington and raised chickens and raspberries for awhile. Uncle Elmer died September 25, 1968. Aunt Elvera was visiting Phyllis when she died in her sleep February 25, 1971. Aunt Elvera was such a good cook and such a pleasant person to be with.

The Stuckes - Aunt Victoria

Alice Victoria (Aunt Vic) was born November 30, 1890 in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. She grew up on the farm in Parkers Prairie and went to Garrison, North Dakota after she had been confirmed. She clerked in the Robinson store in Garrison and stayed with us when we lived in town. The new dentist in town, Dr. Fred C. Stucke, nephew of our Dr. Stucke, came to court and one morning the rocker of our chair was broken. They must have both been sitting in it. Dad just fixed it.

They married June 6, 1917 and lived at first in Garrison. I remember we were invited there for Thanksgiving dinner and she had place cards at the table. I was very impressed. She also was an excellent cook. They moved to Bismarck, North Dakota and lived there until their deaths. Uncle Fred in March 20, 1947 and Aunt ~ July 13, 1977. We always stopped in to see Aunt Vic on our trips to and from Dickinson, North Dakota to see our son, Carl, and family. She was a colorful person. She had worked in the capitol and in the hospital gift shop and she was into antiques. She always sent us a box of gifts at Christmas when we were little. They had no children.

The Carlsons - Uncle Ernest

Ernest Wilhelm was born July 16, 1893 at Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. He died June 30, 1966 at Garrison, North Dakota. He married Lucy Anderson, a teacher, and they had 6 children: 1) Clare, 2) Donna, 3) Dwight, 4) Duane, 5) Marlene and 6) Carol. All born at Garrison, North Dakota.

1) Cousin Clare, born January 28, 1920 at Garrison, North Dakota, became a nurse in Bismarck, North Dakota and married Paul Angell, an electrician. They had 4 children: a) Mary, born May 24, 1942, b) Joan, born July 15, 1947 , c) John, born February 12, 1951, d) Susan, born December 2, 1952.

2) Cousin Donna, born October 11,1922, at Garrrison, North Dakota, was first married to Charles Brennan, then married Bill "Pete" Peterson and they have 4 children: a) Terry, b) Tommy (girl), c) Jeff and d) Greg.

3) Cousin Dwight, born February12, 1926, married LaVonne and they have 4 children: a) Janet, b) Judy, c) Billy and d) Kethy. They live at Grand Junction,Colorado.

4) Cousin Duane (John), born April3, 1928, became a teacher of printing at Wahpeton, North Dakota. He married Carmon and had 2 children: a) Jackelyn and b) David.

5) Cousin Marlene, born February 16, 1931, married Ronald Erickson, an electrician, at Garrison, North Dakota and they have 2 children: a) Steven and b) Patricia. Marlene makes and teaches ceramics at her home.

6) Cousin Carol was born March 10, 1938. 1 remember she was home when we visited Uncle Ernest and Aunt Lucy at Garrison, North Dakota in 1955 on a trip we took to show our 3 children their Carlson relatives. I think she was a teacher in Japan. She married George Rainoff who had 3 sons by his first marriage: a) Brad, b) Greg and c) Guy. She died August 27, 1984 in New York City; buried at Garrison, North Dakota.

There is probably more to add to the family of Uncle Ernest, but this is all I have at present.

Once Uncle Ernest, Aunt Lucy and Carol stopped at our farm in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota in 1952 and as he rocked in the chair - all at once it seemed that my Dad was visiting us. Some mannerisms or way of rocking must have jogged my memory of Dad.

The Carisons - Great Uncle David, grandfather's brother

Great Uncle David, born June 22, 1859 in Linneryd, Smoland, Sweden, came to America in 1880 with his brother, John Peter, and family. He lived and helped build a house and barn on Grandpa's homestead in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota and he marrid Emelie Charlotte Bengtson, born October 8, 1862 in Sweden, who came to Parkers Prairie with her mother and brother because she was a relative of my Grandmother Nelson. They homesteaded at Coal Harbor, North Dakota and did very well, enlarging the farm to a big operation. Later Coal Harbor on the Missouri River was abandoned when by-passed by the railroad and the new town of Underwood became their address. They had 9 children.

1) Rose, born June 24, 1882, in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, before her parents moved to a farm at Underwood, North Dakota. Died September, 1953. Married Otto Olson and lived in Underwood, North Dakota. Three children: a) Helen Stockert, b) Edward and c) Wilbur.

2) Alice, born September 16, 1884 at Underwood, North Dakota, died October 24,1939. She married Axel Landgren and lived at Underwood. They had 6 children: a)Florence, b) Earl, c) Hilda, d) Marvin, e) Marion and f) Dora, all born at Underwood, NorthDakota.

3) Willie, born May 7, 1886, died in 1909. Married to Chariot.

4) Carl W. , born February 22, 1888, died 1971, married Christine Sigurdison and lived at Coal Harbor, North Dakota. They had 4 children: a) Donald, b) Carl, and twins, c) Beverly and d) Betty.

5) Mabel, born May 3, 1890, died 1961 in Washington state. Married Stanley Neander and lived in Washington. Neander died August, 1919. One daughter, Jean, born May 2, 1919 and married Gust Norwood. They had 5 children: a) Dougias, b) Emily, c) Valerie, d) Eric and e) Barbara. Live at Vancouver, Washington.

6) Minnie, born April 24, 1892, died1914.

7) Albin, born 1896, married Sadie Ferguson, died March28, 194?.

8) Lillian, born October 31, 1898, died January 13, 1972 in Washington.

9) Theodore, born?, married Irene Baker. Died November 26, 1949. One son, Richard. Uncle David and Aunt Emily moved to Seattle to retire so Ted could go on to college.

Great Uncle David died August 1925 so the 2 brothers, David and Grandpa J. P. , died the same year and both died in Washington state.