John Andrew Reynold Nelson 1880-1952

Hotel Clerk.

Reynold prospected for silver around Deer Lodge, Montana, but never found any.

Reynold married Ann, who was pregnant at the time, in order to give the child a name. He was not the father. Later Ann left and remarried, but Albert stayed with Reynold.


  • married .
  • 13 Jun 1880 born , Parkers Prairie, Otter Tail County, Minnesota.
  • 06 Jan 1952 (age 72) died .


Grandfather Nils Daniel Andersson 1807-1869

Grandmother Martha Sarah Johansdotter 1808-1888

Grandfather Peter Eliasson 1806-1844

 Grandmother Sara Magnusdotter 1813


Father Anders Peter Nelson 1835-1914

Mother Johanna Christina Petersdotter 1841-1917

Siblings Helena Charlotta Judith Nelson 1860-1920, Eva Christina Wilhelmina Nelson 1865-1930, Nels Peter Rudolf Nelson 1873-1938, Martha Sarah Betsey Amanda Nelson 1875-1953, John Gustaf Vasa Nelson 1883-1961, John Andrew Reynold Nelson 1880-1952,

  Wife ____ . Children: ____,


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