Amber Wilhelmina Berquist 1889-1973


  • 02 Dec 1889 born , Parkers Prairie, Otter Tail County, Minnesota.
  • 31 Jan 1973 (age 84) died , Alexandria, Douglas County, Minnesota.


Grandfather J P Bergquist 1829-1910

Grandmother Carlina

Grandfather Anders Peter Nelson 1835-1914

 Grandmother Johanna Christina Petersdotter 1841-1917


Father Carl Alfred Bergquist 1859-1930

Mother Eva Christina Wilhelmina Nelson 1865-1930

Siblings Carl Elmer Irenius Berquist 1887-1959, Victor Reno Berquist 1891-1956, Gertrude Theresa Berquist 1893-1982, Chester Peter Berquist 1895-1925, John Eber Kadoth Berquist 1896-1971, Harlow Ovidius Berquist 1904-1988, Amber Wilhelmina Berquist 1889-1973,



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