The Neighborhood Families

The following area families are some of the people my parents visited and whose children were friends and/or acquaintances of my brothers, sisters and myself as we grew up:

The Gustav Guenther Family: Barbara, Dolly, Minnie, Annie, Mayme, Gertrude, Frank, Gustav, Andrew, and Rudolph


The Mike Korkowski Family: Agnes, Mary, Rosalia, Barbara, Elizabeth, Justina, August, Mike, John, Frank and Martin


The Frank Korkowski Family: Frank, Katherine, Rose, Cecelia and Aloys


The Fred Meissner Family: Emily, Lizzie, Elfa, Albert, Charlie and Frank


The Beckman Family: Albin, Jennie, Annie and one died of TB


The Pete Wagner Family: Joe P. , Math, Elmer, Aloys, Peter jr. , Lena, Rose, Barbara, Mayme, Theresa and Annie


The John Wagner Family: Mayme (Sr. Aloysia), Pauline, Minnie, Agnes (Sr. Agnesia), Evangeline, Agatha, John, Wendlin and George


The John Bitzan Family: Tony, August, Frank, George, Mike, Tillie, Annie, Mary and Barbara (Bobbi)


The Frank Bitzan Family: Frances, Pauline, Alice, Bertha, Martha (nun), John, Albert, Peter and Joe


The John Wilken Family: Otto, Walter, Etta, Clara and Aaron